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Your student 身份证号码 is your login for all 重点大学 systems.


If you completed your account setup, you should be able to reset your password 在这个网页上.


  • 电子邮件 helpdesk@梯形.edu.
  • 核实身份, 一定要写上你的名字, 身份证号码, 您的社会安全号码的最后四位数字, 和家庭邮政编码.

We recommend that everyone set a strong password 和 refrain from sharing it.

  • 从你的个人电脑或移动设备 浏览此网页
  • From a 重点大学 computer, press CTRL-ALT-DEL 和 pick the option to change your password.



电子邮件: helpdesk@梯形.edu

The Tech Corner on the 2nd Floor of the Hibbard 校园 Center is open Mon-Fri from 9:30-11:30 a.m. 下午2点.m. – 4:00 p.m., subject to occasional closure when technicians are needed elsewhere on campus. Appointments are recommended to ensure that a technician is available when you arrive.

Major after-hours outages can be reported to 校园 Safety 和 they will reach out to an on-call technician.


有关常用资源的链接,请访问 当前学生页面.


  • The 重点大学 iPad Program provides full-time traditional undergraduate students with an iPad device. Incoming freshmen/transfer students are issued a iPad 和 a case for their exclusive use as a full-time (fall/spring semester) undergraduate student. ipad是基斯顿学院的财产. Upon baccalaureate graduation 和 full settlement of the student’s financial obligations to the College, iPad成为学生的财产.
  • 完成你的 iPad协议表格 (login required) in MyKC 和 pick up your iPad at the Tech Corner during the first week of classes. The Agreement Form appears in MyKC seven days before classes start. 如果窗体未出现, check your schedule to verify that you have 12 or more credits 和 are within seven days of the semester start. KCVC 和 graduate students are not eligible for this program.
  • Students keep their iPads during winter 和 summer break times even if not taking classes during the break.
  • Eligibility for this program requires continuous full time enrollment in the College’s undergraduate fall/spring programs. Students who leave the College short of the graduation requirement may avoid additional rental charges by promptly returning the device 和 all accessories to the 重点大学 Tech Corner, 位于希巴德校园中心二楼. If the iPad 和 its accessories are not returned in a timely manner, a prorated fee will be imposed. A $25 restocking/cleaning/processing charge applies if an iPad is returned before the student completes at least one semester with full-time registration.


Support for 电子教科书 is provided by the e校园 书店.
参观 书店网页 有关详细信息,.


微软办公软件(Word, Excel, PowerPoint等.) is available at no charge to Keystone students 和 employees in web, desktop, 和 mobile versions.


Don’t miss important notices that come to your 重点大学 email! Get them on your phone, iPad or your favorite web service (Gmail, Outlook, etc.)

  • Server type: Exchange (may be listed as Microsoft Exchange)
  • Enter your email address 和 complete online sign-in/config as prompted

Audio & 视觉技术


Onsite support for events is available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Other times by special arrangement, if a technician is available 和 with advance planning. 电子邮件 helpdesk@梯形.edu at least a week in advance to arrange for audio or visual technology setup.


Resident students can enjoy Xfinity On 校园 to watch live TV, 对需求, 并在他们的ip设备上录制内容, 包括笔记本电脑, 平板电脑, 智能手机和Roku播放器. The service is included with room 和 board for students living in on-campus housing. Click here for information on how to access the service.


传真= 5701234567 @fax.梯形.edu
用你的目的地号码代替 5701234567 数量. The body of the email message will be converted into a cover sheet 和 any attachments will be added as additional pages.


Electronic 信息技术 Systems at 重点大学 are essential 和 indispensable tools for learning 和 administration. 这是学院的政策, 电信, video, 和 associated network facilities be used ethically 和 legally, 根据适用的许可证和合同, 和 according to their intended use in support of the College’s mission.

任何会妨碍教与学的使用, 妨碍学院的运作, 违反适用的许可或合同, or damage community relations or relations with institutions with whom we share responsibility, 是否违反了这项政策.

Violation of this policy may result in suspension of privileges to access the information technology involved, 启动学院纪律程序或, 在极端情况下, 联邦或州法律下的刑事起诉.

Please refer any questions about this policy or its applicability to a particular situation to the Chief Information Officer.

CREDIT: This policy statement was developed by Emory University, 和 adopted by 重点大学


重点大学 provides wireless network access on campus. If you plan to live on campus 和 bring a desktop computer or gaming console, 确保它有无线功能.  Wi-Fi在以下地区提供:

  • 所有教学楼
  • 希巴德校园中心
  • 米勒图书馆
  • 学生宿舍
  • 部分户外区域

Many factors influence wireless reception (distance to nearest access point, 来自其他电子设备的干扰, 学生设备兼容性, 等). 


每日KC早间电子通讯, 与社交媒体和大学应用程序相结合, 是分享新闻和公告的首选方式吗.  Mass emails are restricted to safety 和 weather-related emergencies.  点击这里让你的文章发表在KC早晨.

Should you feel you need to send a targeted email to a specific on-campus population for a non-emergency reason, 请联络你所属的内阁成员.